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2018 Holiday Community outreach
DECEMBER 8, 2019


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Spiritual Heartbeat

November 2013

Christmas in Uganda Project 2013

THANK YOU to ALL! who have sent your prayers, financial gifts through PAYPAL, and clothing.  Below you can see us in action: (Prophetic Intercessor) Momma Doniel and the children of FSLA are preparing stuffing the gift bags and making the Christmas cards to send the Children in a small village in Kampala with Overseer and Pastor Muhinda of Hope for the Children Network. 
We collected the gift bags, a few school supplies from SHELL, a digital camera, and many clothes (But I am not able to ship all the clothes because of the weight cost through DHL).

Revisit and take a second LOOK!!!

Okay my bloggers, be patience with me for I will start keeping you posted about what I am doing throughout the ministry and my everday life as a mother, friend, sister, praise dancer, and minister of the Gospel. Okay, here we go!!!!
It was an honor to hear the word of the Lord through apostle Chuck Pierce from Glory of Zion last night here in Houston, TX at Texas Southern University.  Why?  Because throughout the day I have been searching and seeking the Father on what road or path to go on to complete this end of the Georgian calendar.

My website updates

Greetings to everyone, I am updated this new website. The Father is doing so great things and I would love it if you join with to fulfilled the Great Commission. New updates coming soon!!! Shalom!