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REDEEMED BY THE BLOOD MINISTRIES, INTL. - We overcame by the blood of the Lamb, and the Word
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Spiritual Heartbeat

March 2014

Let's Get Ready For Africa!!!

Hi you guys, I have just completed this collage above with individuals who have celebrated God's presence within my life and have encouraged me to go forward  in the liberty of the Holy Spirit.  This is just one of the many more postcards that I will be creating. 
Family, Friends, Pastors and leaders I have something awesome for you all.  Stay tune Okay. Enjoy!!!
Now let's get ready for AFRICA!!!

Higher Trust in God to make all crooked places straight!!!

Greetings Children of the Most High,
Here's a little inspiration that soothe  my spirit this morning for we all encounter transition and unexpected situation. Mostly it occurs because of others; and choices other makes that involves you without warning. Everyday we are face with some challenges.
But one thing for sure that the Father has reassured me and I want to share this encouraging word to all of you: that our Heavenly Father tells us to trust Him. When we do not trust in Him then the ohoh happens.


Hi everyone,
 I had  just completed an awesome blog on trust and How the Father will make our crooked paths straight and my computer shut off. So tonight when I return from work I will retype it all for you guys. Really that it was erase. this word from the spirit of G_d will carry us into the next phase of our walk with him.  We must know that he is with us. Okay.
It tax season for me so forgive me for this delay blog.  I also in need of an personal assistant. Please submit your resume at