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REDEEMED BY THE BLOOD MINISTRIES, INTL. - We overcame by the blood of the Lamb, and the Word
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2018 Holiday Community outreach
DECEMBER 8, 2019


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Spiritual Heartbeat


The Mission, The Call, The Hope For the Children Network

DAY 20 – Yesterday was so fulfilling and the Word of theLord spoke into my ear as I was arising out of my sleep:“Your Faith is a invisible force in motion”.  WOW! My heart has been expanded, my vision is clearer, my eyes can see, my ears can hear, my plans has been committed to the plans and purposes of the Father, and NOW let's get ready to rumble!!!!! 
 I have been stretch beyond measures but I made it by the grace and favor of God.  Because of one step of Faith and obedience;  I have experienced another dimension in the anointing and felt the very heartbeat of God and I saw His foot.

Day 2 - My Return Journey to Kampala, Uganda

Greetings my sister and brothers in Christ,
I had a good flight you guys; I fell asleep waiting on the first flight out of Houston TX and I  had to run to board the plane. LOL So funny the woman said they called my name three times. thank you Jesus for the Holy ghost, I guess I was exhausted. Once boarded and settled in we was fed some kind of chicken in a box for dinner but it was good.
I ate it all:YUMYUM, I watched some good clean movies, did some pray reflections Then went to sleep.

Let's Get Ready For Africa!!!

Hi you guys, I have just completed this collage above with individuals who have celebrated God's presence within my life and have encouraged me to go forward  in the liberty of the Holy Spirit.  This is just one of the many more postcards that I will be creating. 
Family, Friends, Pastors and leaders I have something awesome for you all.  Stay tune Okay. Enjoy!!!
Now let's get ready for AFRICA!!!

Christmas in Uganda Project 2013

THANK YOU to ALL! who have sent your prayers, financial gifts through PAYPAL, and clothing.  Below you can see us in action: (Prophetic Intercessor) Momma Doniel and the children of FSLA are preparing stuffing the gift bags and making the Christmas cards to send the Children in a small village in Kampala with Overseer and Pastor Muhinda of Hope for the Children Network. 
We collected the gift bags, a few school supplies from SHELL, a digital camera, and many clothes (But I am not able to ship all the clothes because of the weight cost through DHL).